1. Which model of workers’ participation in Management is working in India?

(A) Quality circles
(B) Joint consultation
(C) Co-determination
(D) Self-management

2. Match List – I with List – II.

List – I
List – II

a. De-schooling Society
i. R.D. Laing
b. The Politics of Family
ii. S. Bowles and H. Gintis
c. Anti-social Family
iii. Ivan Illich
d. Schooling in Capitalist America
iv. M. Barrett & M. MacIntosh


       a b c d
(A) i ii iii iv
(B) iv i ii iii
(C) iii i iv ii
(D) ii i iii iv

3. What is incorrect about SEWA?

(A) It has unionized women workers in the unorganized sector.
(B) It combines three movements: labour, co-operative and development.
(C) It has organized many women co-operatives.
(D) It is restricted to Ahmedabad only.

4. Which of the following is an appropriate example of a social institution?

(A) Market
(B) Trade Union
(C) Political Party
(D) N.G.O.

5. According to Dahrendorf, Marx’s Theory of Class Conflict is

(A) to be rejected universally
(B) to be accepted universally
(C) to be accepted and modified generally
(D) to be rejected, accepted and modified contextually

6. The State moderates between different groups ensuring that all of them have some influence on public policy, is best manifested in

(A) Socialist democracy
(B) Republic democracy
(C) Pluralist democracy
(D) Traditional democracy

7. ‘Women’s Rights are human rights’ as an international policy for women’s empowerment was accepted in an International Conference of Women held in

(A) Beijing
(B) Mexico
(C) Nairobi
(D) Copenhagen

8. Select the correct statements:

On the issue of low status of women in family the socialist feminists argue that gender inequality is

i. ideologically linked to their predominant engagement with household responsibility
ii. due their predominant engagement with unpaid household activities
iii. due to the low income of household
iv. Politically linked to their political passivity

Select the correct alternative:

(A) i and ii
(B) ii and iii
(C) ii and iv
(D) iii and iv

9. Which one of the following is not correct with regard to the Liberal Feminists view on the State?

(A) The State is potentially a neutral arbiter and lacks any ideology of its own.
(B) Men have captured the State.
(C) Men are pressure group, women are observers.
(D) Women should embrace strategies for meaningfully access the state and influence it.

10. The proportion of the aged (60+) population to the total population of India shows a trend of

(A) Stagnation
(B) Decline
(C) Increase
(D) Increase in urban but decline rural areas

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