1. Which of the following is false:

(A) A Multinational Corporation (MNC) is registered in more than one country or has operations in more than one country.
(B) A Multinational Corporation produces and sells goods or services in various countries.
(C) A Multinational Corporation can also be referred to as an international corporation.
(D) None of the above.

2. The International Institute of Labour Studies was established in the year:

(A) 1919
(B) 1960
(C) 1926
(D) 1978

3. Compulsory collective bargaining was advocated by:

(A) G.L. Nanda
(B) Khandubhai Desai
(C) V.V. Giri
(D) Jagjivan Ram

4. The Journal Dinabandhu was being published by:

(A) Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association
(B) Bombay Mill Hands Association
(C) All India Trade Union Congress
(D) Madras Labour Union

5. Which of the following is the appropriate Government in relation to employment of workmen by a contractor for construction of Railway Staff Quarters in a State headquarters and fixation of minimum wages?

(A) The Central Government
(B) The concerned State Government
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Either (A) or (B), but depends on the situation and appeal by the contractor

6. Which of the following theories of wages was propounded by Karl Marx?

(A) Subsistence Theory
(B) Surplus Value Theory
(C) Wage Fund Theory
(D) Residual Claimant Theory

7. Assertion (A): Industrial Labour in India has been migratory.
Reason (R): Driving force in migration comes almost entirely from one end of the channel, that is the village end.

(A) Both (A) and (R) are wrong.
(B) (A) is wrong and (R) is right.
(C) (A) is right and (R) also is right.
(D) (A) is right and (R) is wrong.

8. Match the following:

Theory of wages                                 Propagators

a. Wage Fund Theory                     i. John Bates Clark
b. Marginal Productivity Theory      ii. John Davidson
c. Bargaining Theory                      iii. John Stuart Mill
d. Investment Theory                      iv. Gilelman


       a b c d
(A) ii iv i iii
(B) iii i ii iv
(C) iv ii iii i
(D) i iii ii iv

9. The “Marginal Discounted Product of Labour” as a modified version of Marginal Productivity Theory was advanced by

(A) Taussig
(B) Kalecki
(C) Ricardo
(D) Adam Smith

10. The systematic process of making job valuation determinations about a job based upon its content and the way is which it actually functions within the organization is called:

(A) Job Determination
(B) Job Analysis
(C) Job Evaluation
(D) Job Grading

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