1. Which of the following labour legislations in USA made unions more powerful than management?

(A) Wagner Act
(B) Taft-Hartley Act
(C) Narris-Le Guaradia Act
(D) Landrum-Griffin Act

2. Which of the following organizations coordinates and controls the working of voluntary welfare agencies in India?

(A) ESI Corporation
(B) EPF Organisation
(C) Central Social Welfare Board
(D) Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)

3. What is the name of the experiment which marked the beginning of Labour Welfare?

(A) Hawthorne Experiment
(B) New Lamark Experiment
(C) Philadelphia Experiment
(D) Mule Spinning Department Experiment

4. In which of the following we notice under-employment in a large measure?

(A) Coal Industry
(B) Textile Industry
(C) Banking
(D) Agriculture

5. Identify the false statement on ILO.

(A) ILO is a tripartite body.
(B) India was not a founding member of the ILO as it did not get its Independence.
(C) ILO has three organs, namely, the International Conference, the governing body, and the International Labour Office.
(D) ILO passes conventions and recommendations prescribing International Labour Standards.

6. Match the following Conventions of the ILO according to their incorporation in the concerned laws/source of laws in India.

List – I
List – II
(Laws/Source of Laws)

a. Holidays with pay convention (No. 52)
i. Indian Constitution
b. Tripartite Constitution (International Standards) Convention (No. 144)
ii. Factories Act
c. Forced Labour Convention (No. 29)
iii. International Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment & conditions of service) Act
d. Inspection of Emigrant convention (No. 21)
iv. Minimum Wages Act

a          b          c          d
(A)       ii          iv         i           iii
(B)       ii          i           iv         iii
(C)       iii         i           iv         ii
(D)       iii         iv         i           ii

7. Which of the following components is not true as a part of unemployment definition?

(A) Physically fit to work
(B) Mentally fit to work
(C) Ability to discharge the work most efficiently
(D) But, unable to find work

8. Which of the following statements about the Unorganised Sector Social Security Act, 2008 is not true?

(A) The Act gives a definition of ‘home-based worker’, and it is same as self-employed worker.
(B) It prescribes for making suitable welfare schemes for unorganized workers relating to life and disability cover, health and maternity benefits, and old age protection by the Central Government.
(C) The Act gives separate definitions of ‘unorganized worker’ and ‘wage worker’.
(D) It prescribes for making suitable welfare schemes for unorganized workers relating to provident fund, employee injury benefit, housing, educational schemes for children, skill upgradation of workers only by the State Government.

9. Which state in India was the first to enact a legislation governing migrant workers, which was later repealed by the central Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act in 1979?

(A) Maharastra
(B) Odisha
(C) Himachal Pradesh
(D) Uttar Pradesh

10. Arrange in a sequence the following Acts in the order of years in which they were enacted from latest to earliest

a. The Mines Act
b. The Plantation Labour Act
c. The Factories Act
d. The Beedi and Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Act

(A) a, b, c, d
(B) b, a, c, d
(C) d, b, a, c
(D) d, a, b, c

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