MCQs on Computer Networking - 20

1. In shortest path routing algorithm, the path length is measured based on ……………..

(A) time delay
(B) number of hops
(C) size of the routers
(D) routing table

2. The router algorithm takes the decision to changes the route when ……………..

(A) router changes
(B) topology changes
(C) user changes
(D) transmission time does not change

3. Bluetooth is an example of

(A) personal area network
(B) local area network
(C) virtual private network
(D) none of the mentioned

4. The first Network


5. In closed loop congestion control techniques, the decisions are based on the ……………..

(A) concept of a feedback loop
(B) concept of a forward loop
(C) concept of current state of network
(D) None of these

6. .................. is a connection-less protocol that does not assume reliability from lower layers, which does not provide reliability, flow control, or error recovery.

(A) Transmission control protocol
(B) Internet protocol
(C) User Datagram Protocol
(D) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

7. Socket-style API for windows is called

(A) wsock
(B) winsock
(C) wins
(D) none of the above

8. Which of the following communication modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction at a time?

(A) simplex
(B) half duplex
(C) three-quarters duplex
(D) all of the above

9. The ........................ layer is provided by the program that uses TCP/IP for communication.

(A) Transport
(B) Internetwork
(D) Network interface

10. The x.25 standard specifies a 

(A) technique for start-stop data
(B) technique for dial access
(C) DTE/DCE interface
(D) data bit rate



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