1. In OSI model, when data is sent from device A to device B, the 5th layer to recieve data at B is

(A) Application layer
(B) Transport layer
(C) Link layer
(D) Session layer

2. The portion of physical layer that interfaces with the media access control sublayer is called

(A) physical signalling sublayer
(B) physical data sublayer
(C) physical address sublayer
(D) none of the mentioned

3. The Clusters in Hierarchical routing are grouped in to ………………

(A) Clusters
(B) Zones
(C) Blocks
(D) Cells

4. If the subnet uses virtual circuits internally, routing decisions are made only when a new virtual circuit is being setup. This is called as……………..

(A) Session routing
(B) Circuit routing
(C) Datagram routing
(D) Forwarding

5. Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in

(A) broadcast network
(B) unicast network
(C) multicast network
(D) none of the above

6. The ................... is the physical path over which a message travels

(A) Ppath
(B) Medium
(C) Protocol
(D) Route

7. ..………..is used to validate the identity of the message sender to the recipient

(A) Encryption
(B) Decryption
(C) Digital certificate
(D) None of these

8. Which of the following might be used by a company to satisfy its growing communications needs?

i. front end processor
ii. multiplexer
iii. controller
iv. concentrator

(A) i, ii & iii
(B) I, ii & iv
(C) ii, iii & iv
(D) i, ii, iii & iv

9. ................. provides connection-oriented reliable data delivery, duplicate data suppression, congestion control, and flow control.

(B) IP

10. Which one of the following is a version of UDP with congestion control?

(A) datagram congestion control protocol
(B) stream control transmission protocol
(C) structured stream transport
(D) none of the mentioned