1. Where did Cricket in India originate?

(a) Bombay

(c) Madras

(b) Calcutta

(d) Pondicherry

2. Game of cricket was invented in:

(a) India 

(b) England

(c) Australia

(d) Pakistan

3. First written laws of cricket were in

(a) 1474

(b) 1447

(c) 1774

(d) 1744

4. Where and when was the world's first cricket club formed?

(a) Hambledon 1760s

(b) Marylebone 1760s

(c) London 1670s

(d) Melbourne 1760s

5. West Indies won its first Test series against England in

(a) 1930

(b) 1949

(c) 1950

(d) 1960

6. The game of cricket was brought to India by

(a) East India Company

(b) Governor Generals

(c) The Portuguese

(d) British Imperial Officers

7. Mulattos were

(a) Afro Caribbeans

(b) Blacks

(c) Tribals

(d) Afro Europeans

8. In Ranji Trophy teams represent

(a) regions

(b) communities

(c) races

(d) religions

9. India entered World Test Cricket in

(a) 1925

(b) 1932

(c) 1877

(d) 1847

10. First Test Captain of India

(a) Palwankar Baloo

(b) Palwankar Vithal

(c) Vijay Hazare

(d) C.K. Nayudu