1. In a low level AM system, amplifiers following the modulated stage must be

(A) Linear devices
(B) Harmonic devices
(C) Class C amplifier
(D) Non-linear devices

2. In series pass voltage regulator using zener diode, the function of zener diode is a.

(A) Voltage regulator
(B) Temperature compensator
(C) Breakdown diode
(D) Voltage comparator 

3. In analog computation, we use

(A) Both integrator and differentiator
(B) Only integrator
(C) Only differentiator
(D) Both in pair

4. Which of the following statements will post increment the variable by 1?

I. a = a + 1;
II. a + = 1;
III. a + +;
IV. a = + 1;

(A) Options I, II, III are correct.
(B) Options II, III, IV are correct.
(C) Options I, II are correct.
(D) Options III, IV are correct.

5. The largest decimal number that can be stored in a MOD-64 counter is

(A) 64
(B) 15
(C) 16
(D) 63

6. What is the Register address which matches with the address of the stack?

(A) 03H
(B) 07H
(C) 013H
(D) 13H

7. In 8259, to avoid causing an interrupt due to an accidental noise pulse, the following action is done:

(A) All unused interrupt lines are shorted together.
(B) All unused interrupt lines are connected to Vcc.
(C) All unused interrupt lines are connected to ground.
(D) All unused interrupt lines kept open.

8. Which loop structure would execute its statements at least once even if the test condition fails for the first time itself?

(A) Do-while 
(B) if-else
(C) For
(D) While

9. If the branch in any network has a current source then the analysis is carried out by _______ analysis method.

(A) Mesh
(B) Node
(C) Super mesh
(D) Super node

10. Expansion of RISC:

(A) Reduced Integrated Systems Circuit
(B) Reduced Instructions Set Computer
(C) Reduction Integrated System Computer
(D) Reduced Instructions System Circuit