1. Chirki-on-Pravara was investigated by

(A) H.D. Sankalia
(B) Gudrun Corvinus
(C) R.V. Joshi
(D) M.K. Dhavalikar

2. Which of the following are absolute dating methods?

I. Radiocarbon
II. Fluorine
III. Potassium-Argon
IV. Uranium series

(A) I, II and III
(B) I, II and IV
(C) I, III and IV
(D) I, II, III and IV

3. Which of the following sites has yielded the oldest remains of Ostrich egg shell beads in India?

(A) Patne
(B) ChaturbhujNala
(C) Chambal Valley
(D) Bhimbetka

4. Arrange in chronological order the following cultures:
(i) Ahar Culture
(ii) Nevasian Culture
(iii) Narhan Culture
(iv) Nal Culture

(A) (i), (iii), (iv), (ii)
(B) (ii), (i), (iii), (iv)
(C) (ii), (iv), (i), (iii)
(D) (iii), (ii), (i), (iv)

5. Match the structure remains of List-I with the period of their construction of List-II.

List – I
List – II
(a) Great Bath of Mohenjodaro
(i) Gupta period
(b) Vishnu temple at Bhitari
(ii) Mauryan Period
(c) Pillared Hall at Kumrahar
(iii) Harappa Period
(d) Settlement at Khairadih
(iv) Kushan Period
Codes :
       (a)        (b)        (c)       (d)
(A)  (ii)        (iii)        (iv)       (i)
(B) (iv)        (ii)         (iii)       (i)
(C) (iii)        (i)          (ii)       (iv)
(D) (i)         (ii)          (iii)      (iv)

6. The Acheulian techno-complex contains

I. Handaxes
II. Cleavers
III. Core tools
IV. Scrapers

(A) I and II
(B) II and IV
(C) II and III
(D) I, II and IV

7. Assertion (A): The Elephanta caves were got made by the Rashtrakutas.
Reason (R): The region was under the Rashtrakuta rule.

(A) Both (A) and (R) are wrong.
(B) Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) is correct explanation.
(C) (A) is correct (R) is wrong, but (R) is correct explanation.
(D) (A) is wrong (R) is correct, but (R) is incorrect explanation.

8. Which of the following Ashokan inscriptions says to maintain discipline in Samgha for the monks and nuns?

(A) Sarnath Minor Pillar Edict
(B) Girnar Rock Edict XII
(C) Shahabazgarhi Rock Edict XIII
(D) Delhi-Topra Pillar Edict VII

9. Thermoluminescence method is used to date

(A) Shell
(B) Metal
(C) Wood
(D) Pottery

10. Who composed the Mandsore pillar inscription of Yashodharman?

(A) Ravikirti
(B) Vasula
(C) Govind
(D) Harisena

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