1. The composer of Aihole Inscription was

(A) Harishena
(B) Ravikirti
(C) Kalidasa
(D) Bana

2. Which of the following inscriptions makes the earliest reference to ‘Zero’ in India?

(A) Aphsad inscription of Adityasena
(B) Gwalior inscription of Mihirbhoja
(C) Nasik inscription of GautamiputraSatakarni
(D) Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela

3. Arrange the following in chronological order:

(i) Punch Marked Coins
(ii) Varah type coins
(iii) Coins of Arjunayanas
(iv) Coins of Nahapana

(A) (i), (iii), (iv), (ii)
(B) (iii), (i), (ii), (iv)
(C) (iv), (ii), (iii), (i)
(D) (ii), (iii), (iv), (i)

4. Match the items of List – I with those of List – II:

List – I
List – II
a. Development of Hindu Iconography
i. John Allan
b. Indian Buddhist Iconography
ii. J.N. Banerjee
c. Elements of Hindu Iconography 
iii. B. Bhattacharya
d. Catalogue of Coins in the British   Museum
iv. J.A. Gopinath Rao
      a         b       c       d
(A) iv        iii       ii        i
(B) ii         iii       iv       i
(C) iii        i        iv       ii
(D) i          ii       iii      iv

5. Identify one of the following: Sarnath is famous for

(A) Commercial centre
(B) Communal harmony
(C) Centre of education
(D) The first Sermon of Buddha

6. Which of the following scholars is the author of book entitled “The Personality of India”?

(A) B. Subba Rao
(B) R.D. Banerjee
(C) V.D. Mahajan
(D) K.A.N. Sastry

7. Australopithecus man manufactured

(A) Acheulian Hand-axes
(B) Levalloisian flakes
(C) Pebble tools
(D) Cleavers

8. Which ceramic evidence is found in the lowest levels of Hastinapur?

(A) Black and Red Ware
(B) Ochre Coloured Pottery
(C) Painted Grey Ware
(D) Northern Black Polished Ware

9. Bhirrana in Haryana is a site of

(A) Harappan Culture
(B) Ochre Coloured Pottery culture
(C) Painted Grey ware culture
(D) Black-and-Red ware culture

10. Excavations of Sanauli, a site of Harappan Culture is remarkable for yielding

(A) Residential architecture
(B) Defence wall
(C) Human burials
(D) Industrial complex

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