1. Which of the following is a correct statement?

(A) Burzhom had a well-developed iron technology.
(B) Burzhom had a well developed bone tools industry.
(C) Burzhom had produced five quality of copper tools.
(D) Five hand-axes were manufactured at Burzhom.

2. Who were exponents of three ages system in Indian archaeology?

(A) P.E. Suhm and Christian Thomsen
(B) Jacob Worsaae
(C) V. Gordon Childe
(D) George Turner

3. Arrange the achievements of Kharavela in chronological order:

(i) Terrorised the rulers of North India
(ii) Western campaign against Satakarni
(iii) Campaign against Rajagriha
(iv) Performed Rajasuya Yajna

(A) (iv), (iii), (i), (ii)
(B) (iv), (ii), (i), (iii)
(C) (ii), (iv), (iii), (i)
(D) (iii), (ii), (i), (iv)

4. Match the items of List – I with those of List – II:

List – I
List – II
a. Libby
i. Catchment analysis
b. Vita Finzi and Higgs
ii. Arikamedu
c. Raymond Dart
iii. Radiocarbon dating
d. R.E.M. Wheeler
iv. Taung boy

      a        b        c        d
(A) iii        i         ii        iv
(B) iv       ii         i         iii
(C) iii       i         iv        ii
(D) ii       iv        iii         i

5. Which of the following metals played an important role in the development of the first urbanization?

(A) Iron
(B) Copper
(C) Tin
(D) Silver

6. Which of the following Mesolithic site has not yielded the evidence of human burials?

(A) Chopani Mando
(B) Langhnaj
(C) Damdama
(D) Mahadaha

7. Pit-dwellings are known from which of the following site?

(A) Gilund
(B) Mahadaha
(C) Burzahome
(D) Rakhigarhi

8. Whose of the following coins bear the legend ‘Lichchhavayah’?

(A) Chandragupta Maurya
(B) Chandragupta I
(C) Samudragupta
(D) Ramagupta

9. Which method of excavation is employed for obtaining cultural sequence of a site?

(A) Quadrant
(B) Salvage
(C) Horizontal
(D) Vertical 

10. The sites of Ochre Coloured Pottery are mostly distributed in the

(A) Upper Ganga valley
(B) Middle Ganga valley
(C) Lower Ganga valley
(D) Malwa region

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