1. At what site a seal of Persian Gulf origin has been found?

(A) Rangpur
(B) Dholavira
(C) Lothal
(D) Kalibangan

2. Archaeological sites of Quetta valley are

(i) Kili-Gul Mohamad
(ii) Kulli
(iii) Rana Ghundai
(iv) Damb Sadaat

(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (iv)
(D) (ii) and (iii)

3. At which site, overlap of Harappan and Painted Grey ware culture has been unearthed?

(A) Ropar
(B) Bhagwanpura
(C) Sardarnagar
(D) Atranjikhera

4. Match List – I with items of List – II:

List – I
List – II
a. King and Queen type coins
i. Samudragupta
b. Chakravikrama type coins
ii. Kumaragupta I
c. Apratigha type coins
iii. Chandragupta II
d. Standard bearer type coins
iv. Chandragupa I

       a       b       c       d
(A) iv       iii       ii        i
(B) ii        iv       i        iii
(C) iii       iv      ii         i
(D) iv       ii       iii        i

5. A terracotta boat model was found from

(A) Lothal
(B) Kalibangan
(C) Bhirrana
(D) Farmana

6. Mortimer Wheeler has excavated following sites:

(i) Brahmagiri
(ii) Sangankallu
(iii) Arikamedu
(iv) Alagarai

(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (iv)
(D) (ii) and (iii)

7. Assertion (A): Roman coins have been found from a large number of early historic cities in South India.
Reason (R): Early historical rulers of South India had maintained flourishing trade with the Roman world.

(A) (A) is correct, (R) is wrong.
(B) (A) is wrong, (R) is correct and (R) is not correct explanation.
(C) Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) is correct explanation.
(D) Both (A) and (R) are wrong.

8. Main characteristic feature of the Vesara style of Architecture is

(A) Oval shape plan
(B) Square shape plan
(C) Stellate (star) shape plan
(D) Triangular shape plan

9. The main characteristic feature of megalithic culture is

(A) Large stone burials
(B) Large brick burials
(C) Large stone temples
(D) Large brick temples

10. From which of the following site a cloth impression on a silver jar found?

(A) Prabhas patan
(B) Alangirpur
(C) Banawali
(D) Mohenjodaro

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