1. Under anaerobic condition denitrifying Pseudomonas changes,

(A) Nitrate to Nitrite
(B) Nitrate to ammonia
(C) Nitrate to molecular nitrogen 
(D) Nitrite to Nitrate

2. The Phenomenon of having higher number of species in Eco tone is called

(A) Dominance effect
(B) Edge effect
(C) Abundance
(D) Frequency

3. When an atmosphere has an isothermal profile, it is

(A) very stable
(B) slightly stable
(C) unstable
(D) very unstable (turbulent)

4. The wavelength range of UV-C radiation is

(A) 320 – 400 nm
(B) 280 – 320 nm
(C) 100 – 1500 nm
(D) 240 – 280 nm

5. Lightening in the atmosphere produces

(A) NO
(B) CO
(C) CO2
(D) NH3

6. Which one of the following can be estimated by Flame Photometer?

(A) Sodium and Potassium
(B) Cadmium and Cobalt
(C) Chlorine and Bromine
(D) Mercury and Arsenic

7. The contribution of CO2 towards global warming has been estimated to be about

(A) 57 – 60%
(B) 60 – 75%
(C) 80 – 85%
(D) 45 – 55%

8. The principal components of photochemical smog in urban areas are

(A) SO2 and NO2
(B) SPM and CO
(C) SPM and NO2
(D) Hydrocarbons and Ozone

9. An earthquake is rated as ‘major’ if its magnitude in Richter Scale is in the range of

(A) 4.0 – 4.9
(B) 7.0 – 7.9
(C) 6.0 – 6.9
(D) 5.0 – 5.9

10. What is the proportion of the frequency of occurrence of La Nina compared to El Nino?

(A) Half
(B) One-third
(C) Twice
(D) Two-third

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