MCQs on Foreign Exchange Management - 9

1 . A country has a negative balance of trade. It means the balance of payments on current account

(A) Should also be negative 
(B) Should be positive 
(C) May be positive or negative 
(D) Should be same as balance of trade

2. The Foreign Trade policy was first introduced in the year: 

(A) 1981. 
(B) 1947. 
(C) 1992. 
(D) 2000.

3. The present share of India’s trade in the world trade is 

(A) less than 1 per cent. 
(B) 1.2 per cent. 
(C) 1.5 per cent. 
(D) 1.8 per cent.

4. The apex body of the Foreign Trade is: 

(A) The Central Government. 
(B) The State Government. 
(C) The Ministry of Commerce. 
(D) All the above.

5. The tenure of the Foreign Trade policy is 

(A) 3 years. 
(B) 5 years. 
(C) 1 year. 
(D) 7 years.

6. The geographically distributed area or zone where the economic laws are more liberal as compared to other parts of the country is called 

(A) EOU 
(B) SEZ. 
(C) AEZ. 
(D) FTZ.

7. Islamic nations follow 

(A) Common law 
(B) Civil law. 
(C) Criminal Law. 
(D) Religious law.

8. What does CCIE stand for? 

(A) Chief Controller of Imports and Exports. 
(B) Central Cottage Industries Exports. 
(C) Control on Cotton Imports and Exports. 
(D) Commissioner of Central Imports and Exports.

9. The total value of the products and services marketed by a nation is called: 

(A) Gross Domestic Product. 
(B) Gross National Product. 
(C) National Income 
(D) Per capita income.

10. To what extent is FDI permitted in the FTWZ? 

(A) 50% 
(B) 60% 
(C) 75% 
(D) 100%

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