MCQs on Research Aptitude -25

1. …………… are used for Random Sample when the population is very large

(a) Calculator
(b) Telescope
(c) Computer
(d) Typewriter

2. In which sample population is divided into different strata and sample is taken from different strata?

(a) Quota Sampling
(b) Snow ball sampling
(c) Stratified sampling
(d) Purposive Sampling

3. Drawing a sample from each stratum in the proportion to latter’s share in the total population is called

(a) Stratified sampling
(b) Proportioned stratified sampling
(c) Disproportionate sampling
(d) Quota sampling

4. Selecting sample units in just a “hit and miss” fashion is called

(a) Convenience or Accidental sampling
(b) Purposive sampling
(c) Stratified sampling
(d) Proportionate sampling

5. A technique of Building up a list or a sample of a special population by using an initial set of members as informants is called

(a) Quota sampling
(b) Convenience Sampling
(c) Snow ball Sampling
(d) Purposive sampling

6. All the physical components of the computer are collectively called

(a) Software
(b) Hard ware
(c) Firm Ware
(d) Circuit

7. Computer operations are through ………….

(a) Binary digits
(b) Decimal
(c) Reminder
(d) Fraction

8. Office Editing and ……….. are two types of Editing in Research

(a) Lab editing
(b) Field Editing
(c) Class Roam Editing
(d) Book Editing

9. Assigning numerals or other symbols to the categories or response is called

(a) Editing
(b) Tablet ion
(c) Transcription
(d) Coding 

10. Summarizing raw data and displaying them on compact statistical tables for analysis is

(a) Tabulation
(b) Coding 
(c) Transcription 
(d) Editing

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