1. Legal theory of rights was propounded by ------------

(A) Hobbes 
(B) Grotius 
(C) John Austin 
(D) Bentham

2. Who said no rights without law, no rights contrary to law

(A) Rousseau 
(B) Bentham 
(C) Hobbes 
(D) Spencer

3. The Idea of sustainable development was highlighted in which conference?

(A) Moscow 
(B) Rio-de Janeiro 
(C) Montreal 
(D) Stockholm

4.‘Legal right is the claim of an individual upon others recognized by the state’,
who said this?

(A) Ritchie 
(B) UpendraBexi 
(C) Laski 
(D) Subhash C Kashyap

5. According to-------theory of rights , rights are the creation of the state

(A) Marxist 
(B) Liberal 
(C) Western 
(D) Legal

6. According to legal theory outside-----------there can be no rights

(A) Society 
(B) state 
(C) Nation 
(D) Civil Society

7.‘State does not create rights but merely recognize it’, who said

(A) Laski 
(B) T.H. Green 
(C) UpendraBaxi 
(D) Ritche

8. Who is the exponent of ideal theory of rights?

(A) Bentham 
(B) Hobbes 
(C) T H Green 
(D) Rousseau

9. Exponents of social welfare theory of rights

(A) J.S.Mill 
(B) Hobbes 
(C) Rousseau 
(D) Green

10. Article 1 of ICCPR guarantees ---------------

(A) Right to work 
(B) right of self determination
(C) Right to Life 
(D) Right to worship

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission