1.Which Declaration asserts “mankind owes to the child the best it has to give”?

(A) Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
(B) The Declaration of the rights of the child
(C) America Declaration of Independence 
(D) French Declaration of the Rights of the Men

2. When did the Declaration of the Rights of the Child pass by the UN?

(A) 1959 
(B) 1962 
(C) 1965 
(D) 1970

3. Which international Fund provides assistance to children?

(B) WHO 

4. Which year was observed as international Year of the Child?

(A) 1975 
(B) 1980 
(C) 1983 
(D) 1979

5.When was the convention on the right of the child came into force?

(A) 1980 
(B) 1978 
(C) 1990 
(D) 1993

6. Which article of the Indian Constitution prohibit hazardous jobs to children?

(A) Article 20 
(B) Article 28 
(C) Article 21 
(D) Article 24

7. Which Act requires for the establishment of ‘special homes’ for children?

(A) The Declaration of Human Rights Act 
(B) Child Protection Act
(C) Juvenile Justice Act. 
(D) None of the above

8. When was the Juvenile Justice Act enacted?

(A) 1992 
(B) 2000 
(C) 1998 
(D) 2002

9. What is UNHCR?

(A) United Nations Health Committee for Refugees
(B) UN High level Committee for Refugees
(C) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(D) None of the above

10. “Use of violence and intimidation for political purpose “ is Known as --------

(A) Extremism 
(B) Violence 
(C) Fundamentalism 
(D) Terrorism

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