1.Who was the first president of PUCL

(A) Jayaprakash Narayan 
(B) V.M.Tharkunde
(C) V.P. Singh 
(D) A.K. Gopalan

2.Sardar Sarovar Project is in ------------river

(A) Narmada river 
(B) Yamuna river
(C) Kaveri river 
(D) None of these

3.When was the PUCLDR formed?

(A) 1976 
(B) 2008 
(C) 2004 
(D) 1987

4.Who is the leader of NBA?

(A) Arundathy Roi 
(B) Metha Padker
(C) Kanshi Ram 
(D) None of these

5. Chipko movement was against------------

(A) Scarcity of Water 
(B) Cutting the trees
(C) Pollution Issue 
(D) None of these

6.Which movement focused on the displacement and rehabilitation?

(A) Chipko Movement 
(B) Narmada Bachavo Antholan
(C) Mittani movement 
(D) None of these

7.The terrorist using the method of ---------to gain their interest

(A) Persuation 
(B) Coercion
(C) Compulsion 
(D) Violence

8. What is the term of the chairman of the national Women Commission?

(A) 4 Years 
(B) 6 Years 
(C) 5 years 
(D) 8 Years

9. What is POTA?

(A) Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act
(B) Peoples organization against terrorist activities
(C) Prevention of Total Action
(D) None of these

10.Which institution protect the interest of the minorities

(A) The National Minority commission 
(B) SC/ST Commission
(C) Women Commission 
(D) Human Rights Commission

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission