1. Which of the following is not correct?

(A) Human rights are universal.
(B) Human rights are subjective.
(C) Human rights are Constitutional.
(D) Human rights are incontrovertible.

2. Which of the following are considered third generation rights?

(A) Individual Rights
(B) Collective Rights
(C) Political Rights
(D) Economic Rights

3. Name the author of the book “A Theory of Justice”.

(A) John Rauls
(B) Karl Marx
(C) James Mill
(D) Harlod J. Laski

4. Human Rights Watch (HRW) was initially known as

(A) Human Rights Time
(B) Human Rights Initiative
(C) Human Rights Cell
(D) Helsinki Watch 

5. The Government of India has established National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC) under

(A) The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
(B) The Ministry of Human Resource Development
(C) The Ministry of Women & Child Development
(D) The Ministry of Rural Development

6. Which of the following is not a correct statement?

(A) Vienna Conference affirmed Indivisibility of Human Rights.
(B) Each State and its people have a separate set of Human Rights to observe.
(C) It is through democracy that rights of individuals and groups are reconciled.
(D) NGOs participated in the formal proceedings of Human Rights Conference for the first time in Vienna World Conference.

7. Who among the following argued that rapid economic growth would lead towards more democratization?

(A) Samuel Huntington
(B) Jagdish Bhagwati
(C) Amartya Sen
(D) Vanhanen

8. Which of the following is not true?

(A) All Human Rights are for all.
(B) Human Rights are interdependent but hierarchical.
(C) The Vienna Congress recommended for UNHCR.
(D) States should see that domestic laws conform to standards of Human Rights.

9. The General Assembly of the United Nations can pass the resolution on human rights issues and

(A) Compel States to change their internal laws to include more human rights.
(B) Recommend and request new human rights standards for inclusion in State’s internal laws.
(C) Leave the matter to States as to how they deal with human rights issues.
(D) Look into enforcement and implementation of human rights with the States.

10. The Persian weekly named Miratul Akbar in 1822 was started by

(A) Ram Mohan Roy
(B) Surendranath Banerjee
(C) Gauri Charan Banerjee
(D) Hara Chandra Ghosh

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission