1. When was the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights established?

(A) 2000 
(B) 1987 
(C) 1990 
(D) 1993. .

2. How many human rights treaty bodies are there?

(D) 7

3. The Earth Summit was held in -------

(A) Rio-de Jeneiro 
(B) Stockholm 
(C) Johannesburg 
(D) Montreal

4. Sundarlal Bahuguna is connected with -----------movement

(A) Civil Liberty 
(B) Political 
(C) Chipko 

5. Which country originally suggested the idea of an international treaty on the rights of the child?

(A) USA 
(B) India 
(C) Poland 
(D) Germany

6. Who wrote the book “A Theory of Justice”----

(A) John Rawls 
(B) Andrew Clapham 
(C) J.C.Johari 
(D) UpendraBexi

7. When was the slavery legally abolished in America?

(A) 1791 
(B) 1864 
(C) 1885 
(D) 1868

8. The Declaration on the Right to Development was adopted by the General Assembly in ----------

(A) 1976 
(B) 1975 
(C) 1986 
(D) 1990

9. Right to Development is a ---------- generation right.

(A) First 
(B) Second 
(C) Fourth 
(D) Third

10. Where the seat of the High commission for Human Right is located.

(A) London 
(B) Geneva 
(C) Paris 
(D) Rome

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission