1.Where was the conference on human environment held in 1972?

(A) Nairobi 
(B) Paris 
(C) Geneva 
(D) Stockholm

2.When we observe world environment day?

(A) 5th June 
(B) 24th October 
(C) 5th September 
(D) 10th June

3.What is UNEP?

(A) United Nations Environment Programme. 
(B) United Nations Economic Programme
(C) United Nations Educational Programme 
(D) United Nations Environment Policy

4.Who is the chief executive officer of the MHRC?

(A) Chairman 
(B) Secretary General
(C) Under Secretary 
(D) president

5.Where is the headquarter of the MHRC?

(A) Calcutta 
(B) Mumbai 
(C) Delhi 
(D) Pune

6.Who appoint the chairman of the state human right commission?

(A) Chief Minister 
(B) President 
(C) Prime Minister 
(D) Governor

7.A country suspending a provision of a treaty when a condition threaten the life of the nation is known as ----------

(A) Derogation 
(B) Representation
(C) Suspension 
(D) Withdrawal

8.When was the Right to information Act passed?

(A) 2000 
(B) 2005 
(C) 2008 
(D) 2009

9.What is the general time limit to give reply to the applicant under RTI act?

(A) 20 days 
(B) 22 days 
(C) 30 days 
(D) 40 days

10.What is the fee to apply under RTI Act

(A) Rupees 10 
(B) Rupees 50 
(C) Rupees 30 
(D) Rupees 100

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission