1. First Generation Rights are mostly ---------------- Rights

(A) Negative Rights 
(B) Positive Rights
(C) Collective Rights 
(D) Economic Rights

2. Child rights are protected in article ------------of ICCPR

(A) 20 
(B) 16 
(C) 23 
(D) 24

3. UN observed International year of women in ------------

(A) 1995 
(B) 1980 
(C) 1990 
(D) 1975

4. Declaration of the rights of the child was in --------

(A) 1945 
(B) 1950 
(C) 1953 
(D) 1952

5. The concept of the Human Right is based on the concept that all human beings are
equal in -----------------and Rights

(A) Status 
(B) Education 
(C) Dignity 
(D) Law

6. When was the Protection of Human Rights Act passed in India?

(A) 2003 
(B) 1993 
(C) 2005 
(D) 1997

7. Who among the following is not a Social Contract philosopher?

(A) Thomas Hobbes 
(B) John Locke 
(C) Rousseau 
(D) Machiavelli

8. Who wrote the book 'Social Contract'?

(A) John Locke 
(B) Rousseau 
(C) Bentham 
(D) Thomas Hobbes

9. Which is the book written by Thomas Hobbes?

(A) Essays on Civil Government 
(B) Social Contract
(C) Leviathan 
(D) On Liberty

10.When was the book ‘Leviathan’ Written?

(A) 1651 
(B) 1711 
(C) 1688 
(D) 1629

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission