1) An ordinary resolution at a general meeting of the shareholders is sufficient for.

(A) Reduction of share capital. 
(B) Issue of shares at a discount.
(C) Creation of reserve capital. 
(D) All the above.

2) Who among the following has no right to speak at the AGM?

(A) Chairman of the company.
(B) Whole time director of the company.
(C) Proxy holders.
(D) None of the above, as everybody has the right to speak at the AGM.

3) Voting in a company Meeting can be through.

(A) Ballot. 
(B) Raising hands.
(C) Raising voice. 
(D) All of these.

4) Which document should be annexed to the notice of the statutory meeting?

(A) Statutory report. 
(B) Proxy form.
(C) Explanatory statement. 
(D) Both (a) and (b).

5) The first Chairman is generally.

(A) Elected by the Board of directors. 
(B) Elected by the members.
(C) Named in the Article. 
(D) Named in the Memorandum.

6) East India Company is an example of.

(A) Statutory Company. 
(B) Registered company.
(C) Chartered company. 
(D) None of these.

7) Where there is a non-executive chairman, at least …..of board should comprise of independent directors.

(A) 1/3 
(B) 2/3 
(C) ½ 
(D) none of these

8) The Whistle Blower Policy was recommended by…………….

(A) N.R.Narayana Moorthy 
(B) Anil Ambani
(C) Chris Gopalakrishnan 
(D) Asim Premji

9) Audit Committee shall meet at least ………..times a year

(D) 3

10. A public company is one which has a minimum paid up capital Rs ........ lakhs.

(D) 10