Free Online Course for UGC NET Paper II - Management
Course Highlights:
  • Provide online access to Question Bank of more than 5000 Questions prepared by expert faculties.
  • All questions are arranged topic wise as per revised syllabus of UGC NET. 
  • Question bank covers all questions that appeared in previous year UGC NET Exam. It will help you to understand the exam and sharpen your preparation.
  • Provide 10 + Full length Mock Tests according to the new pattern of the UGC NET Exam. It will help you to practice the exam and understand how to mange time during exam.
  • Provide 20 + Mini Mock Tests for quick revision
  • At the end of each tests, you will get detailed analysis of your response alongwith answer keys.
  • This online courses provides the comfort and ease to study at your pace and time.
  • The course is absolutely free of cost 

Course Details:
It contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on following topics.  
  • MCQs on Management Principles, Practices & Function 
  • MCQs on Communication 
  • MCQs on Managerial Economics 
  • MCQs on Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 
  • MCQs on Organisational Behaviour 
  • MCQs on Human Resource Management & New Trends in HRM 
  • MCQs on International Human Resource Management (IHRM) 
  • MCQs on Human Resource Development (HRD) 
  • MCQs on Industrial Relations & Trade Unions 
  • MCQs on Industrial Disputes & Laws Related to Industrial Disputes 
  • MCQs on Labour Legislation 
  • MCQs on Wages & Laws Related to Wages 
  • MCQs on Labour Welfare & Social Security 
  • MCQs on Financial Management 
  • MCQs on Strategic Management 
  • MCQs on Marketing Management 
  • MCQs on Statistics for Management 
  • MCQs on Operations Management & Operation Research 
  • MCQs on International Business & Trade Policies 
  • MCQs on Information Technology in Management Applications 
  • MCQs on Entrepreneurship & Institutional Finance