1. Money market where securities are issued by Govt’s to obtain funds for short term is classified as
a) Money market instruments
b) Capital market instruments
c) Counter instruments
d) Long term instruments
Answer: (a)

2. Composite value of traded stock groups of secondary markets is classified as
a) Stock index
b) Primary index
c) Stock market index
d) None of these
Answer: (c)

3. Who regulates mutual fund industry?
a) RBI
Answer: (b)

4. Under Provident Fund Act 1952 “insurance fund” means ………….
a) Unit linked insurance plan
b) Deposit linked insurance fund
c) Employees group accident insurance
d) Medical insurance fund
Answer: (b)

5. Stock market in which already issued stocks are re-sold and re-bought are classified as
a) Red herring stock market
b) Pre-emptive stock market
c) Silence stock market
d) Secondary stock market
Answer: (d)

6. What is the important role of a commodity exchange?
a) Provide liquidity
b) Maintain market balance
c) Provide security against risk
d) All of these
Answer: (a)

7. Which of these following in charge of future trading?
a) State Govt
b) Central Govt
c) Forward market commission
d) None of these
Answer: (d)

8. Bonds that does not pay any interest rate are considered as
a) Interest free bonds
b) Zero coupon bond
c) Priceless coupon bond
d) Useless price bond
Answer: (b)

9. In the foreign exchange market, the ………….. of one country is traded for the
…………… of another country
a) Currency : Currency
b) Currency : Financial instrument
c) Currency : Goods
d) Goods : Goods
Answer: (a)

10. The date of settlement for a foreign exchange transactions is referred to as
a) clearing date
b) Swap date
c) Maturity date
d) Value date
Answer: (d)

11.Who is the first chairman of NABARD?
a) B.Sivaraman
b) C.Shivan
c) Jayaram Ramesh
d) Arun Jately
Answer: (a)

12. …………… are bonds issued in a country other than that of the currency of
a) Convertible bonds
b) Euro bonds
c) Foreign bonds
d) Junk bonds
Answer: (b)

13. In capital market major suppliers of trading instruments are ;
a) Government & Corporations
b) Liquid Corporations
c) Instrumental Corporations
d) Manufacturing Corporations
Answer: (a)

14. Type of Financial Market in which Corporations issues new fund to raise funds is classified as
a) Flow Market
b) Primary Market
c) Secondary Market
d) Funding Market
Answer: (b)

15. Money Market where debt and stocks are traded and maturity period is more than a year is classified as
a) Short Term Market
b) Capital Market
c) Counter Market
d) Long Term Market
Answer: (b)