MCQs on Consumer Behaviour

1. At the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ( shown as pyramid in the text) are ……………. Needs.
a. Esteem
b. Self-actualization
c. Social
d. Safety
Answer: (b)

2. A person ………….. consists of all the groups that have a direct or indirect influence on his orher attitudes or behaviour.
a. Sub culture
b. Family
c. Social class
d. Reference group
Answer: (d)

3. Which of the following would be the best illustration of a sub culture?
a. a religion
b. a group of close friends
c. your university
d. a fraternity or sorority
Answer: (a)

4. Understanding of consumer needs and then develops a marketing mix to satisfy these needs.
a. Marketing concepts
b. Strategic plan
c. The product influences
d. The price influences
Answer: (a)

5. ………………. Is the single factor that best indicates the social class.
a. Time
b. Money
c. Occupation
d. Passion
Answer: (c)

6. Marketing strategies are often designed to influence ………… and lead to profitable exchanges.
a. Consumer decision making
b. Sales strategies
c. Advertising strategies
d. Export strategies
Answer: (a)

7. …………… refers to the information a consumer has stored their memory a product or service.
a. Cognitive dissonance
b. Product knowledge
c. Product research
d. Marketing research
Answer: (b)

8. …………….. can influence the consumers thought about products.
a. Marketing & popularity
b. Advertising, sales promotion, sales people and publicity
c. Sales promotion, popularity and market
d. Billboards
Answer: (b)

9. …………………….. describes changes in an individual behaviour arising from experience.
a. Modelling
b. Motivation
c. Perception
d. Learning
Answer: (d)

10. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes all except which of the following.
a. Cognition
b. Physiological
c. Safety
d. Belongings
Answer: (a)

11. Which of the following is not a part of group influence.
a. Social class
b. Social group
c. Reference group
d. Personality
Answer: (d)

12. Which step of the buyer decision process immediately precedes the purchase decision?
a. Evaluation of alternatives
b. Information search
c. Need recognition
d. Post purchase behaviour
Answer: (a)

13. The stage in the adoption process where the consumer considers whether trying the new product make sense is called?
a. Interest
b. Trial
c. Evaluation
d. Adoption
Answer: (c)

14. Another term for a motive is a
a. Action
b. Need
c. Cue
d. Drive
Answer: (d)

15. The marketing information system begins and ends with ……………. .?
a. Marketing managers
b. Marketing intelligence
c. Information technology
d. consumers
Answer: (a)



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