1. ..............research aims at finding a solution for an immediate problem facing a society or business?
a. descriptive research
b. applied research
c. quantitative research
d. qualitative research
Answer: (b)

2. Pilot survey means?
a. preliminary survey
b. descriptive survey
c. enumeration
d. none of these.
Answer: (a)

3. All items in any field of enquiry constitute?
a. universe
b. population
c. sample
d. A & B
Answer: (b)

4. In which scale we uses number and symbols to events in order to label them?
a. nominal
b. ordinal
c. interval
d. cardinal
Answer: (a)

5. Methods of data collection;
a. observation
b. interview
c survey
d. AB&C
Answer: (d)

6. A sample design is ..............?
a. plan
b. chart
c. list
d. summary
Answer: (a)

7. Which sampling is used to select every item on a list?
a. stratified
b. area
c. systematic
d. cluster
Answer: (c)

8. Primary data source;
a. observation
b. interview
c. survey
d. all of these.
Answer: (d)

9. ........... is the process of assigning numerals and symbols?
a. editing
b. coding
c. tabulation
d. none of these
Answer: (b)

10. ANOVA developed by ?
a. RA fisher
b. R.J. fisher
c. marshall
d. none
Answer: (a)

11. A common test in research demand much priority on
a. reliability
b. objectivity
c. usability
d. all of the above
Answer: (d)

12. Action research means
a. longitudinal research
b. applied research
c. research initiated to solve an immediate problem
d. none of these
Answer: (c)

13. In the process of conducting research 'formulation of hypothesis' is followed by
a. statement of objectives
b. analysis of data
c. selection of research tools
d. collection of data
Answer: (c)

14 Ampling is advantages as it.........
a. helps in capital saving
b. saves time
c. increase accuracy
d. both A& B
Answer: (d)

15. Survey research studies
a. circumstances
b. population
c. event
d. process
Answer: (b)