MCQs on Photo Journalism - 2

1. What kind of style is not supported by Quark
A. Character 
B. Printer 
C. Paragraph 
D. Document

Answer: (A)

2. A Digital Image contains
A. Pixels 
B. Bitmap 
C. Resolution 
D. Vector Images

Answer: (A)

3. Image Editing Software
A. Photoshop 
B. Page maker 
C. MS Excel 
D. Power Point

Answer: (A)

4. What is the ideal resolution of an image for web
A. 72 dpi 
B. 300 dpi 
C. 100 dpi 
D. 250 dpi

Answer: (A)

5. Amount of light that falls in to the sensor of the camera
A. Exposure 
B. White balance
C. Depth of Field 
D. Three point lighting

Answer: (A)

6. Contrast
A. Balancing Pixels 
B. Dealing with Colour
C. Scaling Files 
D. masking

Answer: (B)

7. LCD
A. Liquid Crystal Display 
B. Lens Camera display
C. Light Control Device 
D. Linear Control Display

Answer: (A)

8. Tiff Files
A. Tiled Image format 
B. Tagged Image file format
C. Typical Information format 
D. Title Interchange Format

Answer: (B)

9. Cross platform file format
B. doc 
D. PM4

Answer: (A)

10. ISO
A. International Organization for Standardization
B. Indian Optical Standards
C. Internal Office system
D. Information of Standards

Answer: (A)


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