Solved Question Paper for Assistant Geologists in Geological Survey of India conducted by UPSC

 61. Mid-oceanic ridge basalt as a later partial melt from the depleted mantle has somewhat depleted:

(a) LREEs

(b) HREEs

(c) REEs

(d) IREEs

Answer: (a)

62. The volume as a function of pressure and temperature of a substance in a thermodynamic model is known as:

(a) Equation of state (EOS)

(b) Gas Equation

(c) Enthalpy

(d) Gibbs Free Energy

Answer: (a)

63. If irregularly shaped ore minerals are peppered throughout the body of the host rock, then they are called as:

(a) Tubular ore bodies

(b) Irregular replacement deposits

(c) Concordant ore deposits

(d) Disseminated deposits

Answer: (d)

64. Induced polarization (IP) method of exploration is very effective for:

(a) Oxide ores

(b) Sulphide ores

(c) Oil and Gas ores

(d) Radioactive minerals

Answer: (b)

65. If the metallic ions are leached at the surface and moved in solution leading to enrichment and deposition is known as:

(a) Supergene enrichment

(b) Epithermal enrichment

(c) Hypothermal enrichment

(d) Flocculation process

Answer: (a)

66. In a channel sampling method, samples are cut:

(a) Along the strike of mineralization

(b) Across the strike of mineralization

(c) In selective parts of mineralization

(d) Randomly along the strike of mineralization

Answer: (b)

67. Which one of the following prospecting methods will be adopted to recover the deposits in covered area?

(a) In covered areas geological maps may not be of any help for prospecting of mineral deposits

(b) Geochemical prospecting provides the most reliable results in folded, slightly dissected areas covered with glacial, Lacustrine or Eolian sediments

(c) In covered areas reliable results are obtained by combining geophysical measurements with drilling, but not by geological methods

(d) In covered fold mountain areas geological prospecting method can be used to delineate ore deposits successfully

Answer: (c)

68. Certain solution forming rocks like limestone gives rise to which type of deposit?

(a) Breccia filling deposits

(b) Solution cavity filling

(c) Pore space filling

(d) Vesicular filling

Answer: (b)

69. Gold is found in nature in native state as irregular masses and crystallizes in which of the following system?

(a) Isometric

(b) Tetragonal

(c) Orthorhombic

(d) Hexagonal

Answer: (a)

70. Which one of the following manganese mineral exhibits white streak?

Answer: (b)



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