51. Which of the following statements regarding cephalopods are correct?

1. The tabular shell may be spirally coiled, curved or straight

2. In spirally coiled forms, all the whorls lie on one plane

3. The earlier or inner whorls are not covered by the latter or outer whorls

4. In a few forms, the shell is coiled in the form of a helicoid spiral

(a) 1, 2 and 3 only

(b) 1, 3 and 4 only

(c) 1, 2 and 4 only

(d) 2, 3 and 4 only

Answer: (c)

52. Remote sensing is the process of:

(a) Acquiring knowledge of an object physically

(b) Acquiring information about any object without physically contacting

(c) Conducting survey for a particular region manually

(d) Acquiring knowledge of an object through aerial photographs

Answer: (b)

53. Ozone is mainly confined in atmosphere at:

(a) Tropospheric height

(b) Stratospheric height

(c) Ionospheric height

(d) Magnetospheric height

Answer: (b)

54. Which one of the following type of sensors is useful in scientific and socioeconomic activities?

(a) Air craft

(b) Space borne

(c) Land mounted

(d) Marine craft

Answer: (b)

55. Which one of the following form is a remote sensing data product?

(a) Statistical data form

(b) Verbal and voice data form

(c) Photographic products and digital form as computer compatible tape

(d) Statistical and mathematical equations with data

Answer: (c)

56. The three heads of pre-processing in the correction of deficiencies and removal of flaws present in the remotely sensed raw data are:

(a) Longitudinal, Arithmetical and Geodetic

(b) Mathematical, Statistical and Graphical

(c) Sensor, Photographic and Cropping

(d) Geometric, Radiometric and Atmospheric

Answer: (d)

57. The principal aim of the 𝐼 mission is to use the satellite data for:

(a) Management of transport services in particular area

(b) Conjunction with supplementary / complementary information from other sources for survey and management of natural resources in important areas

(c) Measurement and analysis of population of important areas

(d) Town planning agencies for internal services

Answer: (b)

58. The outer rigid layer of the Earth that is produced at mid-oceanic ridges is called:

(a) Lithosphere

(b) Asthenosphere

(c) Mantle

(d) Transition zone

Answer: (a)

59. ‘Changes in temperature, pressure and chemical-potential must be related to maintain equillibrium for a system whether it consists of single phase or multiple phases’ is known as:

(a) Gibbs -Duhem Equation

(b) Gibb's Rule

(c) Henry's Law

(d) Debye - Huckel limiting Law

Answer: (a)

60. Silicates in which the cation-to-O ratio become 2:7 in isolated double silicon-oxygen tetrahedral groups is called:

(a) Sorosilicates

(b) Phyllosilicates

(c) Tektosilicates

(d) Nesosilicates

Answer: (a)