Solved Question Paper for Medical Officer (Homoeopathy) in Govt. of NCT of Delhi conducted by UPSC

 121. Which of the following can cross the cell membrane?

(a) Oxygen

(b) Carbon dioxide

(c) Alcohols

(d) All of these

Answer: (d)

122. The phagocytic cells of the placenta are:

(a) Macrophages

(b) Microglias

(c) Hofbauer cells

(d) Kupffer cells

Answer: (c)

123. Which one of the following is NOT correct about testosterone?

(a) Increases body hair but decreases scalp hair growth

(b) Maintains spermatogenesis, prolongs life of sperms

(c) Decreases protein synthesis, increases protein break down

(d) Causes development of internal and external genitalia in foetus

Answer: (c)

124. Mode of transportation of carbon dioxide in blood is mainly in the form of:

(a) Bicarbonates

(b) Serum globulin

(c) Haemoglobin

(d) Physical solution in plasma

Answer: (a)

125. The endocrine status of ovarian failure is identified by the demonstration of:

(a) Raised serum FSH concentration

(b) Raised serum LH concentration

(c) Raised serum oestradiol levels

(d) Raised serum prolactin levels

Answer: (a)

126. Which one of the following examinations is required for vaginal diseases?

(a) Sigmoidoscopy

(b) Bronchoscopy

(c) Colposcopy

(d) Colonoscopy

Answer: (c)

127. In the mechanism of labor, ‘External Rotation’ is the movement of rotation of head visible externally due to:

(a) Untwisting of the neck sustained during internal rotation

(b) Internal rotation of the shoulders

(c) Exaggerated movement of neck

(d) Bearing down pains

Answer: (b)

128. Which one of the following is the smallest antero-posterior engaging diameter on the fetal skull?

(a) Suboccipito frontal

(b) Occipito frontal

(c) Mento vertical

(d) Submento-bregmatic

Answer: (d)

129. Which one of the following is NOT a criterion for diagnosis of PCOS?

(a) Acanthosis nigricans

(b) Menstrual cycle disturbance

(c) Biochemical hyperandrogenism

(d) Ultrasound detection of polycystic ovaries

Answer: (a)

130. Which one of the following is a main cause of Asherman’s syndrome?

(a) Chronic cervicitis

(b) Hystero salpingo graphy

(c) Fibroid uterus

(d) Endometrial curettage

Answer: (d)



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