Solved Question Paper for Medical Officer (Homoeopathy) in Govt. of NCT of Delhi conducted by UPSC

 131. The symptom ’During pregnancy, foetus moves too violently’ is given under which one of the following medicines in Allen’s Key notes?

(a) Psorinum

(b) Medorrhinum

(c) Syphilinum

(d) Ambra grisea

Answer: (a)

132. The lipid layer of tear film is secreted by which one of the following glands/cells?

(a) Tarsal gland

(b) Lacrimal gland

(c) Orbital gland

(d) Goblet cells

Answer: (a)

133. Which muscle of the soft palate is supplied by mandibular branch of trigeminal nerve?

(a) Palatoglossus

(b) Palatopharyngeus

(c) Levator veli palatini

(d) Tensor veli palatini

Answer: (d)

134. All are the branches of deep palmar arch EXCEPT:

(a) Palmar metacarpal arteries

(b) Perforating digital arteries

(c) Recurrent branch

(d) Digital arteries

Answer: (d)

135. Which part of the stomach is supplied by the short gastric arteries?

(a) Lesser curvature

(b) Fundus

(c) Pylorus

(d) Pyloric antrum

Answer: (b)

136. Which one of the following muscles has a dual nerve supply?

(a) Adductor brevis

(b) Adductor longus

(c) Adductor magnus

(d) Adductor hallucis

Answer: (c)

137. Which one of the following is NOT correct regarding nucleus pulposus?

(a) It is the central part of the disc

(b) It is hard at birth

(c) It acts as a hydraulic shock absorber

(d) With advancing age the elasticity is much reduced

Answer: (b)

138. Peripheral heart is the name of which muscle?

(a) Involuntary muscle

(b) Intercostal muscle

(c) Soleus muscle

(d) Pectoralis major

Answer: (c)

139. Helicobacter Pylori can tolerate gastric acid due to:

(a) Breakdown of urea by urease

(b) Formation of enzymes other than urease

(c) Remain deep inside the mucous layer

(d) Remain within the muscular contraction

Answer: (a)

140. Enterotoxigenic E.coli (ETEC) is diagnosed by the following tests EXCEPT:

(a) Rabbit ileal loop test

(b) Infant mouse assay

(c) Sereny test

(d) ELISA test

Answer: (c)



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