Solved Question Paper for Medical Officer- Research Officer (Ayurveda), Ministry of Ayush conducted by UPSC

 41. Among Mūlinī drugs, which three are used for Vamana?

(a) Aparājitā, Jyotiṣmatī and Gavākṣī

(b) Dravantī, Ajagandhā and kṣīriṇī

(c) Śyāmā, Śātalā and Gavākṣī

(d) Śaṇapuṣpī, Bimbī and Haimavatī

Answer: (d)

42. Which of the following are responsible for the specific expression of Rasas?

(a) Jala, Pṛthvī and Agni

(b) Ākāśa, Vāyu and Agni

(c) Pṛthvī, Vāyu and Agni

(d) Agni, Jala and Vāyu

Answer: (b)

43. Which one of the following diseases is NOT included in Vata nānātmaja vyādhi?

(a) Pāda Suptata

(b) Udāvarta

(c) Manyāstambha

(d) Āmavāta

Answer: (d)

44. Jātīphala Rasa is synonym of:

(a) Jātī.

(b) Jātīphala.

(c) Āmalaka.

(d) Jātīkośa.

Answer: (c)

45. According to Caraka Samhita, which of the following are the main Mahābhūtas constituting Amla Rasa?

(a) Agni and Vāyu

(b) Vāyu and Jala

(c) Jala and Agni

(d) Pṛthvī and Agni

Answer: (d)

46. According to Caraka, which one of the following is NOT included in the guna of Śilajatu?

(a) Anamla

(b) Katu vipaka

(c) Anuṣna sīta

(d) Madhura rasa

Answer: (d)

47. Which one of the following is NOT among the Asta Doṣa of Sthaulya?

(a) Javoparodha

(b) Dourbalya

(c) Dourgandya

(d) Arohanāyasa

Answer: (d)

48. Kukūṇaka is caused by:

1. Stanya prakopa.

2. Kapha and Rakta.

3. Dantotpatti.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 and 3 only

(b) 1, 2 and 3

(c) 2 and 3 only

(d) 1 only

Answer: (b)

49. Which one of the following is the nerve of taste for the anterior 2/3rd of tongue?

(a) Trigeminal Nerve

(b) Glossopharyngeal Nerve

(c) Chorda tympani Nerve

(d) Vagus Nerve

Answer: (c)

50. Colles’s Fracture is defined as:

(a) ‘Radius’ fracture about 2 cm above its lower end.

(b) ‘Ulna’ fracture at its lower end.

(c) Dorsal fracture of lower end of ‘Ulna’.

(d) ‘Scaphoid’ fracture.

Answer: (a)



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