MCQs on Disaster Management - 4

1. International Tsunami information Center is located in 

a) Honolulu 

b) Goa 

c) Jakarta 

d) Puducherry

Answer: (a)

2. IPCC means 

a) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 

b) Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Condition 

c) Intergovernmental Programme on Climate Change 

d) International Panel on Climate Change

Answer: (a)

3. .............. is the device which is used to detect landslides. 

a) Vibration sensor 

b) piezo electric crystal 

c) strain gauge 

d) proximity sensor.

Answer: (c)

4. ITCZ stands for 

a) Inter Tropical Convergence Zone 

b) Intra Tropical Convergence Zone 

c) Inter Tectonic Convergence Zone 

d) Inter Temperate Convergence Zone

Answer: (a)

5. Magnitude of earthquake indicates amount of 

a) vibrations per second 

b) vibrations per minute 

c) oscillations 

d) energy released

Answer: (d)

6. The Chairman of the National Disaster management Authority is? 

a) Home Minister 

b) Vice President 

c) Minister, Human Resource Development 

d) Prime Minister

Answer: (d)

7. The change in elevation of a stream per unit length is called 

a) base level 

b) gradient 

c) velocity 


Answer: (b)

8. The Disaster Management Act was made in? 

a) 2006 

b) 2003 

c) 2005 

d) 2009

Answer: (c)

9. The instrument which records earthquake wave is called 

a) Climograph 

b) Seismograph 

c) Hythergraph 

d)None of the above

Answer: (b)

10. The major risk associated with overcrowding is 

a) Proliferation of mosquito breeding sites 

b) Heightened exposure to decaying matter 

c) Creation of nuisance problems 

d)Increase in diarrhea disease

Answer: (d)



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