1. Where is the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport?

(A) Rome

(B) Paris

(C) Lisbon

(D) Madrid

Answer: (A)

2. What is sagarmatha?

(A) National Park

(B) Brahmaputra river

(C) Mount Everest

(D) An Island

Answer: (C)

3. What is the IATA code of Port Blair?

(A) IX B


(C) IX Z


Answer: (C)

4. Khajuraho dance festival is organised every year in the

(A) First week of November

(B) First week of December

(C) First week of January

(D) First week of February

Answer: (D)

5. Which are the world heritage sites?

(a) Sanchi Stupa

(b) Hampi monuments

(c) Brihadhishwara temple

(d) Golconda Fort

(A) (a), (b), (c) are correct.

(B) (a), (b) are correct.

(C) None are correct.

(D) All are correct.

Answer: (A)

6. Which is not a Jain Pilgrimage Centre?

(A) Palitana

(B) Pavapuri

(C) Parsvanath

(D) Panchmarhi

Answer: (D)

7. Which is not a skiing resort?

(A) Shimla

(B) Auli

(C) Manali

(D) Gulmarg

Answer: (A)

8. Which pass lies enroute to Leh?

(A) Shipki la

(B) Nathu la

(C) Zozila

(D) Bom di la

Answer: (C)

9. Identify the balloonist who made world record of 69,000 ft ascend?

(A) Steve Fossett

(B) Bran Johnson

(C) Amundson

(D) Vijaypat Singhania

Answer: (D)

10. Which year was celebrated as centenary year of Indian Civil Aviation?

(A) 2009

(B) 2010

(C) 2011

(D) 2012

Answer: (C)