11. A computer company wants to hire 25 programmers to handle systems programming jobs and 40 programmers for applications programming. Of those hired, 10 will be expected to perform jobs of both types, the number of programmers hired must be:

(a) 40

(b) 45

(c) 50

(d) 55

Answer: (d)

12. A Hamming code can correct all combinations of 𝑘 or fewer errors if and only if the minimum distance between any two code words is at least:

(a) 𝑘 +1

(b) 𝑘 −1

(c) 2𝑘 +1

(d) 2𝑘 −1

Answer: (c)

13. If the time is now 4 𝑜 ’clock, the time 101 hours from now will be:

(a) 8 𝑜 ’clock

(b) 9 𝑜 ’clock

(c) 10 𝑜 ’clock

(d) 11 𝑜 ’clock

Answer: (b)

14. A statement that can be either true or false, depending on the truth values of its propositional variables is called:

(a) Contradiction

(b) Tautology

(c) Absurdity

(d) Contingency

Answer: (d)

15. Which one of the following algorithms is designed by Ford and Fulkerson?

(a) The labeling algorithm

(b) The matching algorithm

(c) The line drawing algorithm

(d) The edge detection algorithm

Answer: (a)

16. In Object-Oriented Programming using C++, static variable is also known as:

(a) Object variable

(b) Class variable

(c) Stored variable

(d) Global variable

Answer: (b)

17. Which one of the following types of class is not used to create objects?

(a) Anonymous class

(b) Nested class

(c) Base class

(d) Abstract class

Answer: (d)

18. The function call A.max( ) will set the pointer this to the:

(a) Contents of the object 𝐴

(b) Address of the object 𝐴

(c) Address of the function max

(d) Address of the first argument of function max

Answer: (b)

19. A class which can inherit the attributes of two or more classes is called:

(a) Hierarchical Inheritance

(b) Multilevel Inheritance

(c) Multiple Inheritance

(d) Hybrid Inheritance

Answer: (c)

20. Which one of the following statements is true with respect to Virtual Functions?

(a) These cannot be static members

(b) They cannot be friend of another class

(c) They cannot be accessed by using object pointers

(d) One can have virtual constructors, but cannot have virtual destructors

Answer: (a)