Solved Question Paper for Lecturer in Civil Engineering in DTE, UT Admin. of Daman & Diu & Lecturer in Civil Engineering & Constructions Technology in Institute of Technology, GNCTD conducted by UPSC


(a) 12−13 π‘šπ‘š

(b) 14−15 π‘šπ‘š

(c) 16−17 π‘šπ‘š

(d) 18−19 π‘šπ‘š

Answer: (c)


Answer: (d)


(a) 1.30

(b) 2.55

(c) 3.25

(d) 3.60

Answer: (b)


Answer: (d)


Answer: (b)

16. A close-coiled helical spring has a stiffness of 10 𝑁/π‘šπ‘š. The length of the spring when fully compressed with adjacent coils in contact is 400 π‘šπ‘š. The ratio of spring wire and coil diameter is 1/10 and the modulus of rigidity of the material of the spring is 80 GPa. The diameter of the spring wire and the mean diameter of the coils will respectively, be:

(a) 10 π‘šπ‘š and 100 π‘šπ‘š

(b) 15 π‘šπ‘š and 150 π‘šπ‘š

(c) 20 π‘šπ‘š and 200 π‘šπ‘š

(d) 25 π‘šπ‘š and 250 π‘šπ‘š

Answer: (c)

17. If a beam of solid circular section is subjected to a transverse shear force S, 

Answer: (b)

18. An aluminium wire of 5 π‘šπ‘š diameter twisted for one complete revolution without exceeding a shear stress of 42 MN per meter squre and 𝐢𝐢 = 27 GN per meter square.  The length of the wire will be nearly:

(a) 10.1 π‘š

(b) 7.6 π‘š

(c) 5.1 π‘š

(d) 1.6 π‘š

Answer: (a)

19. A fixed beam is loaded as shown in figure.

The fixed end moments at supports A and B are respectively:

(a) 244.44 kNm and 202.12 kNm

(b) 234.42 kNm and 202.12 kNm

(c) 244.44 kNm and 222.22 kNm

(d) 234.42 kNm and 222.22 kNm

Answer: (c)

20. The horizontal thrust of the two-hinged arch loaded as shown in figure is:

(a) 47.81 kN

(b) 44.42 kN

(c) 41.81 kN

(d) 38.42 kN

Answer: (c)



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