61. The effective and well established technique to catch inconsistency in programs is called:

(a) Type checking

(b) Error checking

(c) Type casting

(d) Bounds checking

Answer: (a)

62. The category of software maintenance which fixes errors in the original system design and implementation is:

(a) Perfective maintenance

(b) Adaptive maintenance

(c) Corrective maintenance

(d) Software maintenance

Answer: (c)

63. Which one of the following techniques can be used for implementing different type of Virtual memory?

(a) Segmentation

(b) Fragmentation

(c) Reassembly

(d) Reallocation

Answer: (a)

64. Which one of the following register is updated during instruction execution to point to the next instruction byte to be fetched?

(a) Stack pointer

(b) Frame pointer

(c) Program counter

(d) Argument pointer

Answer: (c)

65. A policy that only allows a decision to be made when we execute the program is said to be:

(a) Static policy

(b) Dynamic policy

(c) Constant policy

(d) Random policy

Answer: (b)

66. A general solution for the machine with many completely independent address spaces which can grow or shrink independently, without affecting each other?

(a) Paging

(b) Segmentation

(c) Framing

(d) Spooling

Answer: (b)

67. The purpose of the system call KILL used in signal handling is to:

(a) Send signal to another process

(b) Change set of blocked signals, then pause

(c) Examine set of blocked signals

(d) Clean up after signal handler

Answer: (a)

68. The most common technique used to reduce the disk accesses in a file system is known as:

(a) Buffer cache

(b) Long-structured file system

(c) LFS -cleaner

(d) Write-through caches

Answer: (a)

69. If the time to transfer a block from the controller to memory over the bus is longer than the time to read a block from the disk, it may be necessary to read one block and then skip two or more blocks is called:

(a) Spooling

(b) Interleaving

(c) Interlinking

(d) Data hiding

Answer: (b)

70. If the process size is 𝑠 bytes and the page size is 𝑝 bytes and assuming that each page entry requires 𝑒 bytes, then the optimum page size is given by:

Answer: (a)