Solved Question Paper for Lecturer in Civil Engineering in DTE, UT Admin. of Daman & Diu & Lecturer in Civil Engineering & Constructions Technology in Institute of Technology, GNCTD conducted by UPSC

61. A sprinkler system is to be provided to apply water at the rate of 1.25 cm/hr .Two 186 meters long sprinkler lines are required. 16 sprinklers are spaced at 12 meters intervals on each line. The spacing between lines is 18 meters. The required capacity of a sprinkler system will be:

(a) 30 litres/sec

(b) 24 litres/sec

(c) 18 litres/sec

(d) 12 litres/sec

Answer: (b)

62. Using Francis’ formula, the discharge of a rectangular weir 45 cm long with a head of 12 cm with no end contraction will be:

(a) 34.4 litres/sec

(b) 31.6 litres/sec

(c) 29.4 litres/sec

(d) 24.6 litres/sec

Answer: (a)

63. Canal serving to divert excess flood water is called:

(a) Inundation canal

(b) Ridge canal

(c) Perennial canal

(d) Branch canal

Answer: (a)

64. The ratio of the rate of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change of discharge of the distributing channel, is known as:

(a) Efficiency

(b) Flexibility

(c) Sensitivity

(d) Modular limit

Answer: (b)

65. Which one of the following is a structure together with hydro-mechanical devices that controls and regulates the water from the reservoir to a canal in predetermined quantities?

(a) Sluice off-take regulator

(b) Head regulator

(c) Cross regulator

(d) Sluicing outlet

Answer: (b)


(a) 82 units

(b) 76 units

(c) 72 units

(d) 66 units

Answer: (b)

67. Consider the following standards of water quality:

1. Fe-0.25, TDS - 50, Suspended Solids -500, Hardness -100, pH 6-8

2. Fe-0.25, TDS - 500, Chloride -200, Hardness -200

3. Fe-1.0, TDS - 200, Suspended Solids -1000, pH -9

Which of the above standards suit the textile industry?

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) 3 only

(d) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: (a)


(a) 3.8 mg/l

(b) 4.6 mg/l

(c) 5.8 mg/l

(d) 6.6 mg/l

Answer: (a)

69. Which one of the following sewer appurtenances is associated with ‘Siphonic’ action?

(a) Inverted Siphon

(b) Catch Basin

(c) Automatic Flushing Tank

(d) Drop Man hole

Answer: (c)

70. Which one of the following form of Nitrogen present in waste water and sewage indicates well oxidized and treated waste water?

(a) Nitrite Nitrogen

(b) Ammonia Nitrogen

(c) Albuminoid Nitrogen

(d) Nitrate Nitrogen

Answer: (d)



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