1. The function call A.max( ) will set the pointer this to the:

(a) Contents of the object 𝐴
(b) Address of the object 𝐴
(c) Address of the function max
(d) Address of the first argument of function max

Answer: (b)

2. A class which can inherit the attributes of two or more classes is called:

(a) Hierarchical Inheritance
(b) Multilevel Inheritance
(c) Multiple Inheritance
(d) Hybrid Inheritance

Answer: (c)

3. Which one of the following statements is true with respect to Virtual Functions?

(a) These cannot be static members
(b) They cannot be friend of another class
(c) They cannot be accessed by using object pointers
(d) One can have virtual constructors, but cannot have virtual destructors

Answer: (a)

4. In a 𝐶 program, a programmer has written following line in a function.
x=100+"hello";       //x defined as integer data type

Which part of compiler will detect the error?

(a) Lexical Analyzer
(b) Syntax Analyzer
(c) Semantic Analyzer
(d) Intermediate code Generator

Answer: (c)

5. In a program, dead code occurs because of

(a) Aliasing
(b) Function in-lining and macros
(c) Loop invariant instructions and loop peeling
(d) Constant folding, constant propagation and copy propagation

Answer: (d)

6. In which method a Parse tree is created, a depending graph is drawn and then the  semantic rules of the Parse tree nodes are evaluated in topological sorted order?

(a) Parse tree method
(b) Bottom up translation
(c) Top-down translation
(d) Recursive evaluator model

Answer: (a)

7. The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level 5 defines:

(a) Initial mature work processes in software development organization
(b) Managed work processes in software development organization
(c) Optimizing work processes in software development organization
(d) Repeatable work processes in software development organization

Answer: (c)

8. Consider the following statements:

The UML sequence diagram shows
1. Lifelines of processes along vertical lines
2. Sequence of operations within a process
3. Interactions among processes

Which of the above statements are correct?
(a) 1, 2 and 3
(b) 1 and 2 only
(c) 1 and 3 only
(d) 2 and 3 only

Answer: (c)

9. Black box testing is also called

(a) Data flow testing
(b) Loop testing
(c) Behavioral testing
(d) Graph based testing

Answer: (c)

10. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is:

(a) A product of W3C -World Wide Web Consortium
(b) A data link layer of the OSI model
(c) Aims to ensure Interoperability among service providers
(d) Incurs high overheads of protocol stack

Answer: (c)