MCQs on Computer Engineering - 20

1. A grouping of services or service components that have specific delivery commitments and roles identified with the customer is:

(a) Service Level Agreements
(b) Service Level Management
(c) Service Level Management Objective
(d) Services Portfolio

Answer: (a)

2. The period of time within which systems, applications or functions must be recovered after an outage is:

(a) Mean Time to Recover
(b) Recovery Time Objective
(c) Recovery Point Objective
(d) Mean Time Return Failure

Answer: (b)

3. The chargeback scheme where the IT costs are defined in measurable events, transactions and functions that are relevant to the business and outside the IT organization is:

(a) Resource or usage based
(b) Allocation based
(c) Activity based costing
(d) Product or service based

Answer: (d)

4. Consider the Unix shell command:
Sort studentmarks | more

It means:
(a) Use the ‘sort’ command as a pipe for file ‘students’, and filter to command ‘more’
(b) Use the ‘sort’ filter on file ‘studentmarks’, and pipe to the command ‘more’
(c) Output the sorted ‘studentmarks’, to file ‘more’
(d) Request more input for file ‘studentmarks’ in order to sort it

Answer: (b)

5. The complexity for: 𝑇(𝑛 ) = 𝑇(𝑛 −1)+𝑛 , is

Answer: (b)

6. Which one of the following algorithmic approaches is followed in Floyd-Warshall shortest path algorithm?

(a) Divide and conquer
(b) Dynamic programming
(c) Greedy approach
(d) Backtracking

Answer: (b)

7. The worst-case complexity to sort an array of integers in non-decreasing order, by using quicksort is

Answer: (a)

8. What allows the Java programmer to destroy an object A?

(a) a. delete ( )
(b) a. finalize ( )
(c) Runtime. GetRuntime ( ). gc ( )
(d) Only the garbage collection system can destroy an object

Answer: (d)

9. In which order a Binary search tree should be traversed to obtain the output sequence in descending order?

(a) Root, left and right
(b) Right, root and left
(c) Right, left and root
(d) Left, root and right

Answer: (b)

10. The total number of comparisons made in Bubble sort algorithm is

Answer: (b)



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