1. The minimum length of antenna for efficient transmission of signals of wavelength 𝜆 required is

(a) 𝜆/2
(b) 𝜆/3
(c) 𝜆/4
(d) 𝜆/5

Answer: (c)

2. In order to describe an algorithm for searching an AND - OR graph, we need to exploit a value called:

(a) Modality
(b) Mobility
(c) Futility
(d) Quality

Answer: (c)

3. Most commonly used language for Artificial Intelligence programming is:

(a) C
(b) CC++
(c) LISP

Answer: (c)

4. The process of writing programs that can themselves produce formal descriptions from informal ones is:

(a) Optimization
(b) Feasibility
(c) Coding
(d) Operationalization

Answer: (d)

5. How well a model trained on the training set predicts the right output for new instances is called:

(a) Specialization
(b) Generalization
(c) Modularization
(d) Optimization

Answer: (b)

6. In polynomial interpolation, given N points, we find the (N−1)th degree polynomial that is used to predict the output for any X which is outside of the range of 

 in the training set is called:

(a) Extrapolation
(b) Interpolation
(c) Polynomial evaluation
(d) Friction

Answer: (a)

7. For which of the following regions, a transistor as a switch will be stable?

(a) Saturation and active
(b) Active and cutoff
(c) Cutoff and saturation
(d) Active and saturation

Answer: (c)

8. Which of the following is a current controlled device?

(a) JEET
(c) BJT
(d) Zener diode

Answer: (c)

9. What is the value of an inductance when an inductor filter is connected to a full wave rectifier operating at 60 Hz for providing a dc output voltage with 4 % ripple at 100 Ω load?

(a) 1.5625 𝐻
(b) 2.3525 𝐻
(c) 1.3525 𝐻
(d) 2.5625 𝐻

Answer: (a)

10. An amplifier of gain 1000 has a gain-change of 20 % due to temperature variation. If a negative feed-back of 0.1 is introduced into the above amplifier, the change in gain of the feedback amplifier due to the temperature variation would be

(a) 0.01 %
(b) 0.2 %
(c) 5 %
(d) 7.5 %

Answer: (b)