1. Which option is used to exit Tally?

A. Exit

B. Close

C. Quit

D. Shut Company

Answer: (c)

2. Salary Account comes under which head?

A. Indirect Incomes

B. Indirect Expenses

C. Direct Incomes

D. Direct Expenses

Answer: (b)

3. How many groups are pre-defined in Tally?

A. 28

B. 30

C. 15

D. 19

Answer: (a)

4. How many primary groups are there in Tally?

A. 19

B. 28

C. 15

D. 20

Answer: (c)

5. How many secondary groups are there in Tally?

A. 15

B. 13

C. 28

D. 34

Answer: (b)

6. Which option is used to view list of Primary and Secondary groups in Tally?

A. List of Accounts

B. Accounts

C. List

D. None of these

Answer: (a)

7. Which ledger is created by Tally automatically as soon as we create a new company?

A. Cash

B. Profit & Loss A/c.

C. Capital A/c.

D. A and B both

Answer: (d)

8. Which option is used to make changes in created Groups of Ledgers in Tally?

A. Create

B. Display

C. Alter

D. Change

Answer: (c)

9. How many voucher types area readily available in Tally?

A. 18

B. 16

C. 20

D. 28

Answer: (a)

10. How many voucher types are provided in Tally to record transactions?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: (a)