1. In which earthquake, the stones on the roads of Shillong as said to have “vibrated like peas on a drum”?

a) Cachar Earthquake 
b) Latur Earthquke 
c) Great Earthquake of Assam 
d) Bhuj Earthquake

Answer: (c)

2. In which year the violent explosion of the famous Volcano, Krakatoa in Indonesia, produced Tsunamis measuring 40 feet? 

a) 1881 
b) 1882 
c) 1883 
d) 1884

Answer: (c)

3. Increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere causes (Answer : A)

a) Rise in earth temperature 
b) fall in earth temperature 
c) Uniform earth temperature
d) increase in ultraviolet rays

Answer: (a)

4. Most of the damage done by floods in the U.S. occurs (Answer : A)

a) on floodplains 
b) in small tributaries 
c) in delta regions 
d) on uplands along major rivers

Answer: (a)

5. Mount Kilimanjaro is the best example of: (Answer : B)

a) Active volcano 
b) Dormant volcano 
c) Extinct volcano 
d) None of them

Answer: (b)

6. Movement of earthquake waves through the ground can produce (Answer : C)

a) Solification 
b) Creep 
c) Liquefaction 
d) Lahars

Answer: (c)

7. Movement of heavy vehicles on the unstable sloppy region creates (Answer : D)

a) Earth quake 
b) flood 
c) volcano 
d) landslide.

Answer: (d)

8. Poorly built buildings may collapse in an earth quake  at a scale of (Answer : B)

a) 5 
b) 6 
c) 7 

Answer: (b)

9. Process of photosynthesis converts solar energy into the (Answer : B)

a) hydro energyb 
b) chemical energy 
c) mechanical energy 
d d)tidal energy

Answer: (b)

10. Raima and Sarma are the tributaries of: (Answer : B)

a) Muhuri 
b) Gomati 
c) Khowai 
d) Haora

Answer: (b)