1. Tripura became state on

a) November 16, 1973
b) January 26, 1972
c) January 21, 1972
d) October 2, 1971

Answer: (c)

2. Capital of Tripura is

a) Agartala
b) Imphal
c) Kohima
d) Gangtok

Answer: (a)

3. In which year first Tripura Legislative Assembly Election held 

a) 1972  
b) 1963 
c) 1973 
d) 1967

Answer: (b)

4. Total number of  members in  Tripura Legislative Assembly

a) 50  
b) 65 
c) 60
d) 70

Answer: (c)

5. Most of the Principal rivers in Tripura meets with which river of Bangladesh 

a) Meghna 
b) Titas 
c) Padma 
d) None of the above

Answer: (a)

6. Name of the first lady Governor of Tripura 

a) a) Dr. Kamala Beniwal 
b) b) Dr. Kajal Lal 
c) c) Dr. Partha Dey 
d)d) Dr. Raju Roy

Answer: (a)

7. Name one wild life sanctuary in Tripura –

a) Gomati 
b) Sipahijola 
c) Dharmanagar 
d) Agartala

Answer: (b)

8. Name the earthquake vulnerable building/s identified by Govt of Tripura 

a) MBB College 
b) Ujjayanta palace 
c) Neer mahal 
d) All of he above

Answer: (d)

9. Name the first high school in Tripura – 

a) BBI 
b) Umakanta Academy 
c) RKI 
d) DNV

Answer: (b)

10. The highest peak of Tripura is 

a) Bethling sib 
b) Jarimura 
c) Feng pui 
d) Sakhan

Answer: (a)