MCQs on Disaster Management - 31

1. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) calls a storm ‘Super cyclone” when the wind blows 

a) More than 120 km /hour 
b) More than 100km/hour 
c) More than 220km/ hour 
d) None of the above

Answer: (c)

2. Indian Meteorological Department declared “Super Cyclone” 

a) When the wind blows at a speed of more than 216 kmph 
b) When the wind blows at a speed of more than 220 kmph 
c) When the wind blows at a speed of more than 194 kmph 
d) When the wind blows at a speed of more than 172 kmph

Answer: (b)

3. Indian National Tsunami Warning System became operational in?

a) 2003 
b) 2007 
c) 2009 
d) 2012

Answer: (b)

4. Instrument used to measure earthquake is known as 

a) Quake meter 
b) Quake graph 
c) Seismograph 
d) Typanicgraph

Answer: (c)

5. Intensity of an earthquake is measured by 

a) Modified Mercalli scale 
b) Richter scale 
c) Seismograph 
d) None of the above

Answer: (a)

6. The Mercalli intensity is useful because 

a)  it is the only method of assessing the energy of an earthquake. 
b) it allows us to assess the effect of an earthquake for which there are no instrumented records. 
c) it helps determine the magnitude of small or distant earthquakes for which the Richter scale is inadequate 
d) it predicts the next major earthquake.

Answer: (c)

7. The National Civil Defence college was founded in 1957 at? 

a) Bombay 
b) Nagpur 
c) Cochin 
d) Hyderabad

Answer: (b)

8. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is headed by 

a) Prime Minister of India 
b) President of India 
c) Governor of States 
d) Chief Minister of States

Answer: (a)

9. The National flood Commission in India was set up in 

a) 1980 
b) 1985 
c) 1995 
d) 1980

Answer: (a)

10. The National Policy on Disaster Management was approved by the Union Cabinet in? 

a) 2008 
b) 2009 
c) 2007 
d) 2010

Answer: (b)



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