1. H1N1 virus is: (Answer : B)

a) (a) Bird flu
b) (b) Swine flu
c) (c) Cattle flu
d)(d) None of the above.

Answer: (b)

2. Hotspot of landslide in India is (Answer : D)

a) a. Himalayan valleys
b) b. Sri lanka
c) c. Indonesia
d)d. All the above

Answer: (d)

3. What is the cause of tidal waves? 

a) wind 
b) gravitational force of the moon on the sea 
c) gravitational force of the sun on the sea 
d) gravitational force of the earth on the sea

Answer: (b)
4. Which choice is a man-made trigger of landslides? 

a) earthquakes 
b) Valcano 
c) blasting 
d) erosion

Answer: (c)

5. Which is not a characteristic of a regional flood? 

a) An extended rise of river elevation for weeks to months.
b) Large storm systems or an extended period of rainfall.
c) A small drainage basin.
d) Floodplains covered with floodwaters.

Answer: (c)
6. Flash floods are often caused 

a) by thunderstorms 
b) dikes and dams that are too high 
c) by rainfall over many days 
d) by river beds that are too high

Answer: (a)
7. Higher level of floods and droughts are led by 

a) sand storms 
b) lower precipitation 
c) higher precipitation 
d) none of the above

Answer: (d)
8. Which is the main cause of cholera? 

a) Poor sanitation 
b) Floods 
c) Air pollution 
d) Poor nutrition

Answer: (a)

9. ------ drought leads to reduction of natural stream flows and ground water levels. 

a) Meteorological drought 
b) Hydrological drought 
c) Agricultural drought 
d) Socioeconomic drought

Answer: (b)

10. What are the consequences of disaster on a society? 

a) Loss of life
b) Damage to property
c) Environmental Damages
d) All of the above

Answer: (d)