1. Different forms of the same gene or marker are called

(A) Genetic linkage

(B) Linkage equilibrium

(C) Alleles

(D) Locus

Answer: (C)

2. Visualization of Esterase-D can be done using which of the following reagents?

(A) Glycine – sodium carbonate solution

(B) Glucose-1-phosphate

(C) 4-methyl umbelliferyl acetate

(D) Reduced glutathione

Answer: (C)

3. Which locus is used for determining both male and female gender in DNA fingerprinting?

(A) DYS 19

(B) DYS 393

(C) Amelogenin

(D) Y-plex ladder

Answer: (C)

4. Vaginal secretions can be characterised on the basis of the following:

(A) Glycogenated epithelial cells

(B) Papillary cells

(C) Squamous cells

(D) Elongated cells

Answer: (A)

5. Presence of colostrum in milk is indicative of

(A) Ovariantumours

(B) False pregnancy

(C) Recent delivery

(D) Uterinetumour

Answer: (C)

6. Precipitin Test is performed to determine

(A) Species of origin

(B) Sex of origin

(C) Age of origin

(D) All of the above

Answer: (A)

7. The working of Polilight is based on ______.

(A) Alternate light source

(B) U.V. light source

(C) I.R. radiation source

(D) Near I.R. radiation source

Answer: (A)

8. Guided-hand writing is also known as ________.

(A) Skilled handwriting

(B) Assisted handwriting

(C) Forged handwriting

(D) Traced handwriting

Answer: (B)

9. Graphology can be defined as examination of handwriting for purpose of determining ________.

(A) Sex of the writer

(B) Stature of the writer

(C) Age of the writer

(D) Personality of the writer

Answer: (D)

10. Pica type of typewriter types _______.

(A) 10 characters per inch

(B) 12 characters per inch

(C) 15 characters per inch

(D) 9 characters per inch

Answer: (A)