1. The following form of paint sample is most suitable clue in forensic paint analysis:

(A) Paint smear

(B) Paint dust

(C) Paint streak

(D) Paint chip

Answer: (D)

2. Match the following:

List – I                              List – II

a. Vegetable fibre          i. Asbestos

b. Animal fibre              ii. Cotton

c. Mineral fibre             iii. Acrylic

d. Synthetic fibre         iv. Angora


      a b c d

(A) iv ii i iii

(B) i iv iii ii

(C) ii iv iii i

(D) ii iv i iii

Answer: (D)

3. Linen fibre posseses

(A) Medulla

(B) Hollow tube in centre

(C) Nodes

(D) Twist

Answer: (C)

4. Gait pattern comprises

(A) Step length

(B) Foot angle

(C) Footwear mark

(D) Movement line

Answer: (Wrong question)

5. Drill marks are

(A) Single action striation mark

(B) Compression mark

(C) Repeated action striation mark

(D) Mixed marks

Answer: (C)

6. Sodium fluoride that is used as a preservative for blood samples inhibits the enzyme

(A) Enolase

(B) Esterase

(C) Peptidase

(D) Phosphokinase

Answer: (A)

7. The terminal velocity of falling 9 mm bullet is about

(A) 168 ft/s

(B) 282 ft/sec

(C) 198 ft/sec

(D) 219 ft/sec

Answer: (D)

8. What is the effect of cutting of barrel on dispersion of pellets on a target?

(A) Decrease the dispersion of pellet

(B) Increase the dispersion of pellet

(C) No change in dispersion of pellet

(D) The whole mass will make a single hole

Answer: (B)

9. In black powder Fg, FFg, FFFgnumber represents

(A) Weight of powder grains

(B) Volume of powder grains

(C) Fineness of powder grains

(D) Density of powder grains

Answer: (C)

10. The three genetic loci that control PGM polymorphism are locus 1 on chromosome 1, locus 2 on chromosome 4 and locus 3 is on which of these chromosomes?

(A) 6

(B) 8

(C) 10

(D) 14

Answer: (A)