1. Portfolio of products that an organisation offers to one market or several is known as

(A) Product life cycle

(B) Positioning mix

(C) Product mix

(D) Brandicide

Answer: (C)

2. _______ advertising is important for mature products because it keeps consumer thinking about product.

(A) Informative

(B) Persuasive

(C) Image

(D) Reminder

Answer: (D)

3. This consist of two lists, List – I represents the message execution strategy and the List – II represents the essence of execution strategy. The candidate has to match an item in List – I with an item in List – II:

List – I List – II

i. Slice of life                        1. Creates characters speak on behalf of the product to 
                                                    build credibility

ii. Fantasy                             2. People using the product in normal setting

iii. Mood or Image              3. Creates a wonder-world around the product or its use

iv. Testimonial evidence   4. Communicates the essence or spirit of the product


      i ii iii iv

(A) 3 4 1 2

(B) 1 2 3 4

(C) 2 3 4 1

(D) 4 1 2 3

Answer: (C)

4. This consists of two lists, List – I represent Tourism marketing environmental forces and the List – II represents the element through which the marketer must understand these forces. The candidate has to match an item in one list with an item in the other:

List – I                                 List – II

i. Demographic          1. Pressure groups

ii. Political                   2. Institution and Society’s behaviour

iii. Cultural                  3. Integrity of Resources

iv. Environmental     4. Physical traits of Individuals


      i ii iii iv

(A) 2 4 3 1

(B) 4 1 2 3

(C) 3 2 1 4

(D) 1 3 4 2

Answer: (B)

5. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(A) Consumer buying behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of – Final Customers

(B) The groups to which people do not belong but would like to be the part of that group – Aspirational Group

(C) The technique used by marketer to identify the relationship between perceived importance of a destination on the part of tourist and actual performance on the part of the suppliers – Perceptual Mapping

(D) Brand or part of brand that gives legal protection and also gives the seller the exclusive right to use the brand name or brand mark is – Brand Equity

Answer: (D)

6. VALS framework divides the US popula tion into different lifestyle groups, defined according to Psychological factors that correlate with

(A) Purchase behaviour

(B) Social class

(C) Family life cycle

(D) Culture

Answer: (A)

7. ______ is the tendency to twist information into personal meaning and interpret information in a way that fit our preconceptions.

(A) Selective attention

(B) Selective retention

(C) Selective distortion

(D) Selective hearing

Answer: (C)

8. One of the prominent sites of Sufism was the Dargah of Chishti Sufi Shaikh Gesudaraz is situated at

(A) Ajmer

(B) Delhi

(C) Multan

(D) Gulbarga

Answer: (D)

9. There are four types of International Tourism organisations. Identify the correct order in which they were established





Answer: (B)

10. Mosi-oa-Tunya is a spectacular tourist spot. Select the English name of the spot

(A) Niagara Falls

(B) Abbey Falls

(C) Jog Falls

(D) Victoria Falls

Answer: (D)