1. What is Bennett’s Fracture?

(a) Fracture of Pisiform bone

(b) Fracture of the base of the 1st metacarpal bone

(c) Fracture of lower end of Femur bone

(d) Fracture of lower end of Ulna bone

Answer: (b)

2. Which one among the following nerves supplies the Teres Minor muscle?

(a) Supra scapular nerve

(b) Axillary nerve

(c) Sub scapular nerve

(d) Lower sub scapular nerve

Answer: (b)

3. What is the Renal angle?

(a) Angle between 11th and 12th rib

(b) Angle between 12th rib and erector spinae

(c) Angle between 10th rib and ureter

(d) Angle between ureter and hilus of kidney

Answer: (b)

4. The angle of anteflexion of uterus is about:

(a) 90 degree.

(b) 125 degree.

(c) 180 degree.

(d) 60 degree.

Answer: (b)

5. Which one of the following occurs in the first stage of Pott’s fracture?

(a) Evulsion of the tibia collateral ligament

(b) Spiral fracture of the lateral malleolus

(c) Fracture of lower end of tibia bone

(d) Fracture of talus bone

Answer: (b)

6. Khuraka and Miśraka are the varieties of:

(a) Nāga.

(b) Vanga.

(c) Manḍūra.

(d) Kānsya.

Answer: (b)

7. Which one of the following is NOT included in the Dasa vidha ātura parīksā?

(a) Prakruti

(b) Vikruti

(c) Vyāyāma śakti

(d) Vyavāya śakti

Answer: (d)

8. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below:


(a) A/2 B/3 C/4 D/1

(b) A/1 B/3 C/4 D/2

(c) A/2 B/4 C/3 D/1

(d) A/1 B/4 C/3 D/2

Answer: (a)

9. Rasa Sindūra is NOT found in:

(a) Sarveśvara rasa.

(b) Vātagajānkuśa rasa.

(c) Pratāpalaṅkeśvara rasa.

(d) Yogendra rasa.

Answer: (c)

10. According to Suśruta, when the colour of urine of a person is like blood, he is most likely suffering from:

(a) Pittaj Prameha.

(b) Adhoga Rakta Pitta.

(c) Paittika Aśmarī.

(d) Vṛkka Śotha.

Answer: (a)